Summer…sizzling,citizen science, and surgery!

Very brief post…we actually consider ourselves on hiatus from blogging, since we are having too much fun paddling and camping to actually sit inside at the computer!

In summary, it has been very hot! Record breaking temps, so we’ve been getting out early so the dogs can keep cool. So far, we have been:

*Canoeing 78 days

*Remote canoe camping 4 trips

*Front Country GO camping 2 trips ( one of which had the pups’ Aunt Jackie join us)

*Continuing our Citizen Science activities of building loon rafts, monitoring loons and eagles, and taking weekly water quality measurement for our state DEC.

*Participating as Board Members for 2 local lake advocacy groups

*Reviewing a dog hiking book for

We are also facing some unpleasantness with Gryphon; he recently blew out the knee ligament on his right leg, and so will be having TPLO surgery in early August. This has greatly restricted his activity, but he can still get out in the canoe for short, portage-free outings. The TPLO on his left knee, 18 months ago, was highly successful, so we are hoping for similar results this time.

He did the final trauma to his knee romping after coming home from this great camping trip…

We’ll leave you with a few photos; for nearly daily updates and photos, be sure to check out our Facebook page Vermont Paddle Pups, or our Instagram page @VermontPaddlePups. Have a great summer!

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