WooHoo! Another GEAR REVIEW Ruffwear Ridgeline Leash

Ruffwear Ridgeline Leash Review
Sheila Goss
Backcountry k-9 Brand Ambassador
I received this leash from http://backcountryk9.com/ to test it out and review it, in my role as a brand ambassador.

This leash is lightweight, (2 oz.), brightly colored, and has a bungee element which allows it to stretch from 2.5 feet, to 4.25 feet. This allows your dog to move about, without tugging on your arm.


Following the rules at a local trailhead….

Our dogs, and we, are used to a bungee line, though not one this short. The short length of this leash seems to make it more suitable for short transfers, for use at short distance in locations where leash is required, or just to carry in case you should occasionally need a leash. It is a great little lightweight leash for those purposes.

red leash at vet 1

At the vet…Oh, joy!

If you need to rein in the dog, you must wait until he is at the fully extended length, or grab onto the leash along its length, to maintain control. This is important to remember, if your dog and you are approaching a roadway, or some other situation in which you want the dog close by your side.
The short length of the leash would make it a little tough to use for a tall person ( such as my 6’5” husband), with a dog who is not very tall. Also, the webbing is ½ inch wide…we prefer a beefier width, as it is easier to grab onto, and is more comfortable for grabbing with larger hands, or while wearing gloves.
The leash is lightweight, and fits easily into a pocket or pack…if you have a 38 inch waist (+/-) or less, you can comfortably clip it around yourself for easy access. The Crux-Clip is easy to use, and has a nice swivel feature.

The leash appears well made. I was concerned a bit about its strength, and I permitted my large dog to pull on it a bit as a test. He is not much of a leash puller, but I do not know how well the bungee element would hold up under extended time of large-dog pulling. I may just be overly-cautious, but as mentioned earlier, I would prefer a wider, seemingly stronger, webbing for my peace of mind.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  If you are looking for a portable, lightweight, easy to carry leash…this may be the answer for you.
http://www.backcountryk9.com/Products/Ruffwear-Ridgeline                  24.95

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