Roller Coaster Weather..what a ride!

January 2022 in Vermont, when the temps swing 50 degrees in 24 hours! We may be hiking on slush in 30 degrees, then it is minus 20 the next day, and we are hunkered down. The only thing that has been (unfortunately) consistent this month is the lack of any real snowstorms. We’ve had a few inches here and there, and one 10 inch storm followed by deep freeze warnings, so we have been able to get out snowshoeing nearly every day. The dogs do well in their musher’s booties from Nooksack Racing Supply, and they tolerate their jackets without any issues, but they are both senior dogs…as such, we need to protect them and keep them safe from the elements. They have each had surgery in the past few months, too, so we really work hard to keep them safe and happy. So we’ll share a few photos from our outings, all in Northern Vermont, on trails we frequent and the dogs enjoy. We’ve also had a few winter birding trips, when we get the dogs out of the car for at least a little walk—such activity is good for days when it is too cold for real hikes. Let’s bring on more snow please!

Oh, and only TWO more months until Spring…and Canoeing Season Begins!

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