Winter ends ( sort of) and Canoeing Begins!

Winter is fizzling out…warm days, then snow days, then warm days, then icy days. Horrific muddy road conditions limit access to trailheads, and we have to travel an hour south to find open water. But we’ve been getting out every day, either paddling early season spots or spike-hiking and a bit of late season snowshoeing to mark our transition into spring.

As we start the canoe season, a dry suit and neoprene vests for the dogs ( in addition to PFDs of course) are necessary! Our favorite birds are just beginning to return to the waters, and the shoreline is still pretty drab grey and brown. The pups are taking turns for canoe outings, alternating with turns for hiking…soon we hope to be back into a daily canoeing routine.

And here is a short video of the two pups on each of their first outings for 2022…the 13th season for Gryphon, and the 10th for Edgar. They each seem quite happy to be back in the canoe! Edgar is certainly looking forward to getting back out in HIS canoe with his dad…gotta wait for warmer water before that happens. Happy Spring!

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