Check out our Gear Reviews!

TUBBS reviews are on our Tubbs ambassador pages…but we have reviewed other gear, for other sources:

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These are our reviews as a member of the great community!  Check them out, since they are helpful, honest, and thorough reviews posted by actual gear users.





We previously served as ambassadors for, also!

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Check out our inspiring, insightful and informative reviews….each review has it’s own page on this blog! Click on the link in the blog header , and you will see all of our gear reviews.

Be sure to check out the page…Amazing selection of great outdoor dog gear, reviews, blog articles, and frequent sales, as well!

4 thoughts on “Check out our Gear Reviews!

  1. Hello fellow Backcountry K-9 ambassador! Did you mention somewhere that you sometimes hike on Perry Hill in Waterbury? That is where I was born and raised, and my parents still live there on Perry Lead Side Road!!! Small world 🙂

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