Lovely early morning with the loons

We headed out early to a quiet lake…saw quite few loons and ducks. There are many marked nesting areas, so it won’t be long before we see the baby loons!  We stopped for breakfast at a day use pull-out, and Griff slipped at he dis-embarked the canoe. The foam pad slipped again as he jumped back into the canoe; apparently we had the perfect combination of amount of water, temperature, and location of the foam pad needed to cause this sliding. We plan on getting some bathtub non-slip strips to put in the base of the canoe, under the pads, to keep them more stable.

We also selected the campsite for our next canoe camping adventure, and made the reservation….this is remote canoe camping, so we’ll have to see how much gear we can safely bring along this year, now having two dogs in the boat.


Waiting at the breakfast site….

Great progress on Father’s Day!

We headed out to the local state park access, courtesy of our freebie day pass from our town library. This newest Vt. state park is often crowded on weekends, and we usually come before it opens, to get in a paddle before the jet-skis and powerboats arrive. Today, we got out a bit late,but were the first customers in the park at 10. The overcast skies and forecast for rain apparently kept the crowds away, and we had a lovely paddle. We saw our first loon of the year; the dogs were interested, but the loon was silent, so we still don’t know how Edgar will react to that haunting cry.


After a few roller coaster rides over the wake from a single ski-boat, we headed in to try the dogs in  a different orientation. Gryph got to return to his familiar position, in the stern compartment in front of his Mom.  Edgar’s Dad took the bow, and for the first time, Edgar had to ride behind his Dad. This worked out just great!


When we hike ( which is often), Edgar likes to be in the lead. He seemed quite happy to be in front of Gryphon, and maybe this is related to his desire to be the lead dog! He had no trouble seeing around his Dad, and seemed quite relaxed.


A bit tipsy!

ImageToday Edgar decided he wants to be able to freely jump over the thwarts…when he did it alone, it was not too bad, but when he jumped, Griff decided to turn around and see what was happening…tippy-canoe, and puppies, too! But we maintained our position , and no one got wet. Next time, we’re going to a put-in with a longer shoreline, so we can do more practice at having the dogs in different spots in the canoe—changing bow/stern positions, and more practice on sit and stay!



Peaceful Breakfast paddle

So on this day, predicted to be extremely hot and muggy, we get up bright and early, and head to the nearby canoe access. This particular access had very low water levels all last summer, so it was nice to take advantage of the recent heavy rains,,,the water level was  quite suitable, and hopefully will stay so. This access is only 3 miles from our home.

We were paddling by 0630; the dogs did very well. Edgar actually spent much of the time in his own stern compartment. When he got a bit wiggly, he went back into the stern compartment with his dad, We had to negotiate a bit of floating debris, left over from the recent storms. Thankfully, Edgar did not decide that all those sticks passing by on the water were just waiting for him to pounce!

We paddled for 45 minutes, to a spot where we could land the canoe, and have a wonderful early morning muffin and coffee stop. We love our JetBoil stove! The dogs got to run around a bit, but no swimming on this stop. We have actually hiked to this spot from a trail system located adjacent to the reservoir.

We passed a few fisherman on our way back to the canoe access. The dog were attentive, and well behaved; they showed off nicely!


Next trip, we may try Edgar in the bow compartment, behind his dad…we’ll see how that goes.