Great progress on Father’s Day!

We headed out to the local state park access, courtesy of our freebie day pass from our town library. This newest Vt. state park is often crowded on weekends, and we usually come before it opens, to get in a paddle before the jet-skis and powerboats arrive. Today, we got out a bit late,but were the first customers in the park at 10. The overcast skies and forecast for rain apparently kept the crowds away, and we had a lovely paddle. We saw our first loon of the year; the dogs were interested, but the loon was silent, so we still don’t know how Edgar will react to that haunting cry.


After a few roller coaster rides over the wake from a single ski-boat, we headed in to try the dogs in  a different orientation. Gryph got to return to his familiar position, in the stern compartment in front of his Mom.  Edgar’s Dad took the bow, and for the first time, Edgar had to ride behind his Dad. This worked out just great!


When we hike ( which is often), Edgar likes to be in the lead. He seemed quite happy to be in front of Gryphon, and maybe this is related to his desire to be the lead dog! He had no trouble seeing around his Dad, and seemed quite relaxed.


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