No Canoe this weekend…in and around water, not on it!

OHIO 21Long trip ( 1500 miles round trip) to visit family, so no canoeing this week, However, we did get a chance to take the pups to some different type environments, where they were able to play in waves and waterfalls. Actually, kind of a nice change of pace…..


We also did a bit of car camping on the trip, so we experimented with a few “camping hacks” that we had recently seen in an article….
The Ones we tried, and liked are :
#1. Foam floor tiles in the tent–we used cheap ones (2×2 feet) from a discount store, so a 6×6 area surface was only about 20 bucks or so…they worked great, and with two large dogs in the tent, seemed to be a nice protective layer. When stacked, the 2×2 pile is about 4 inches high…not sure how practical for canoe camping!
#6 ( sort of)…we used a recipe of lemongrass oil and eucalyptus oil with water…worked fantastic on us and the pups, against some swarms of mosquitoes ..we never saw any ticks on any of us,even though we were in tick country.
#25 Campfire starter–with easy light briquettes in egg-carton…we actually only used a “six-pack” for each fire. Worked well, even with some less than stellar quality firewood.
And our own “hack”..we bought cheap (3.00 each) “fleece blankets” in the discount store…sewed up one side of the folded blanket rectangle, to make a sleeve to slip over our inflatable Big Agnes and Nemo sleeping pads. Not only did this provide a layer of protection from dogs. it also eliminated the annoying “slip and slide” that can occur with the nylon sleeping bags.
This weekend, some prep and practice for our canoe camping trip in Mid-August.

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