STICK SEASON…and nearly 900 acres of solitude!

Paddle # 25….heading out at 0900 ( late for us!), on a clear, sunny fall day. 48 degrees air temperature, no wind, foliage well past peak—yet not a single other person or boat on the water. What a delight!

ImageThe lack of wind, and lack of powerboats enabled us to paddle freely and explore some areas we avoid during the summer season. The dogs were relaxed, and even got to romp when we put in for a break at the off-season beach.


ImageThere were no loon, herons, or eagles…just a lot of seagulls and blue jays….maybe those wonderful birds know something we don’t…in a few weeks we’ll be into Shivery Season, and we’ll be snowshoeing and skijoring. But for now, we enjoyed a placid morning on the water, taking in the remnants of foliage, and checking out remote campsites not visible when the trees are green.



This paddling season has seen us progress from a very short,tentative excursion introducing Edgar to the old heavy OT Discovery boat…to multi-hour day trips and canoe camping in our lightweight kevlar Swift canoe.

I am fortunate to have 3 of the best paddling buddies anyone could ask for.  As we put the canoe to bed for the winter, we have many great memories to keep us warm on the frigid winter days ahead…and great anticipation of the first time we get the hull wet in the spring!