Bitter Cold…booties all around!

ImageThe new year has begun with record cold…in terms of multiple days with the temps never going above zero (f). In addition to the cold temps, a recent ice storm has left trails and sledding tracks as firm as concrete, and a bit too slippery for safe skijoring or sledding. So off we went for some cold weather hiking and snowshoeing.


Just before the ice storm hit, we took the dogs out for a Gryphon birthday hike

I have found that Kahtoola Microspikes are essential for hiking in these conditions. I previously tried IceSpikes ( screw in spikes), and they worked well, but did tend to fall out when kicksledding, and were a bit pricey to replace.

Gryphon has a tender foot, so he is quite appreciative of booties , when temps are below 12-15 degrees. He keeps them on, and ignores them…we use basic cordura musher booties, from Nooksack racing Supply. I have just ordered him a pair of fleece booties from there, so we can double them up, in extreme cold such as we had last night ( negative 24 degrees f.).

Edgar, on the other hand, would absolutely not, no way,  tolerate the boots last winter. We have lovely fleece boots from Eromit K9, which match his harnesses…but he refused to let us even get them on. However, this year, maybe he is more mature ( age 2), he let us put them on the first try. He did a little of the classic “hi-step”, but then forgot they were on. He loves the snow, and we feel he is safer having a layer of protection on his feet…even if it merely to go out to the dogs’ play yard.


We also carry either “Paw-tect”, Bag Balm, or Musher’s Secret  paw wax with us on all winter adventures…even if we do not use booties, we may encounter changing conditions, or need the extra layer for the dogs’ feet.



The forecast is for snow, turning to sleet, turning to rain overnight. Not sure what that will mean for our activities in the upcoming week, but as usual here in northern New England,  we can’t change it, so we learn to live with it!