How glorious a greeting the sun gives the mountains! (John Muir)

Yes, some glorious sun this week! With lots of fresh snow, this past week got off to a “deep and steep” start, and finished with a sun-baked skijor in 38 degree temps.  But, as is the norm around here, it cannot last. Tonight and tomorrow’s forecast includes those nasty meteorological words “rain” and “sleet and freezing rain”.


Both dogs love breaking trail..but this may be a bit much!


Knee least it was fairly light stuff.


Edgar is enrolled in a Focus Skills class…to help him on the trail; ( well, more accurately, to help us on the trail). He was focused on this hike!

We have been trying to get out on skis and snowshoes as much as possible, prepping for an upcoming trip to the wilds of Maine…our ideal weather would be 35 degrees, and bright sun, with a soft carpet of nice white snow on the trails.. Just like we had for a few days on a new local trail network!




We did have one skijor trip during a pretty heavy snowfall…the way Griff squints as the snow hits his face, thinking maybe he needs Doggles!

So we are at the mercy of the weather gods…24 hours from now, we’ll have a better idea of what the weekend will bring. As the famous explorer Sir Rannulph Fiennes said, “There is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing.”  We have the required gear and clothes, the dogs were born with theirs…so we’ll head out somewhere, and do something, and make some more great memories.

UPDATE…so the rain never caused a problem, the sun came out….40 degrees, for 2 stupendous days!


Above the water, where we spend many hours in the summer, in the canoe!












It was quite warm, so after a drink of water and a cookie, Griff decided that the cool snow would feel nice….


On the top of the Corps of Engineers Dam….the wind was brisk, but it was refreshing.









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