Sodden, Soggy, and a Bit of the Spotlight….

Mud season is here with a vengeance! Even if we were willing to negotiate the treacherous back roads which lead to some of our favorite hiking spots, the conditions are such that many trails are closed until Memorial Day. Our local, lower elevation areas, have been rapidly losing the snowpack,which has led to some very wet hikes.

Edgar just splashes right on through the field water..he is part lab, after all!

The temperatures have been climbing, so sunny hikes have been very pleasant, though it is often a toss-up as to whether spikes or snowshoes are the best option.

april notch hike profile

With the trail closures, we have explored a few new areas…a trail network in a nearby county is below 2000 ft. elevation. We found lots of grey ice and snow at the lower area, but as we climbed, the woods became more brown and green—very little snow. We did have to scramble up a ravine in which snow had settled, but overall, I think the dogs enjoyed the feel of dirt,rock, and pine needles below their feet!


Our Khatoola MicroSpikes were essential on this hike….


Two other  “events”  occurred which have further flamed our anticipation for paddling season. We said good-bye to our faithful, reliable Old Town canoe. Last summer we came to the realization this canoe was too heavy for the car-topping and portaging.  We did not immediately sell the Old Town when we purchased the new Swift canoe, as it was towards the end of the season.  We posted the old canoe on Craigslist…well, if you ever have a canoe to sell, you will get MANY responses within moments of your posting. The canoe went off with the first person to respond; it sounds as though it will have a good home, and will continue to provide safe rides to dogs!


Goodbye, faithful old canoe!


And…our dogs are famous (well, within the Vermont outdoor sports community). Our Gryphon was selected as the cover dog in an Outdoor Dogs Photo Contest. Edgar also had his picture in the magazine (in a photo-bomb pose). The prize was a token, but the real prize is the pride we feel when we see our Paddle Pup on the local new stands!





Griff at one of our canoe launch sites...may be a while yet!

Griff at one of our canoe launch sites…may be a while yet!











015  Jump..why? water is great!


griff spring leap cover

I’ll just take a flying leap over this run-off on the trail!





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