“There is a harmony In autumn, and a lustre in its sky…”


A cool morning paddle…respite from the challenges of the week

A brief posting this week…As the seasons change, so do our lives. The past two weeks have been difficult ones, as we faced the unexpected death of a beloved member of our family. My mother–who taught me to ski, play golf, and who encouraged my love of summer camp and the outdoors, passed away last week.

Our scheduled canoe camping and hiking trips went by the wayside, as being with family, and supporting each other became the priority. The dogs were of great comfort to us, just being there, wordlessly comforting us in our grief.

The autumn is arriving with glorious early colors, and the serenity we can achieve by being out there, in the cool fall air, taking in the glorious changing of seasons is much appreciated this year.

On we go, into a new season of our lives…..


Fall brings change, in the air, and in our lives…..


Getting out with the dogs, is a welcome and peaceful time

Until next time, peace to you…..

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