“The outdoor world teaches us peace, creativity,compassion, and just keeps us sane”

The time since our last blog post has indeed been challenging, and the ability to take a few breaks each day, and get outside for a short canoe trip, or short local hike, have definitely kept us sane.

My Dad passed away last week, after a few weeks in in-home hospice…it was definitely a difficult time for all of us, but at least he is now at peace. We always had dogs growing up, and he was definitely a dog lover…big dogs, outdoors dogs, dogs like our dogs! He really loved Gryphon,and looked forward to his visits. Edgar did not visit as frequently, but he certainly liked the spunk that Edgar displays….

So, blogging has taken a bit of a hiatus. Our trip to the Adirondacks had to be cancelled, as well as our return trip to Aziscoos Lake in Maine. But the mountains and lakes aren’t going anywhere, and we will enjoy them at a future date.

Gryphon did receive his trail patch, in a ceremony at the New London Conservation monthly meeting….he can get a bit spooked by unfamiliar surroundings and people, and he had to go up to the second floor, and sit nicely in a room with over 20 strangers. He behaved wonderfully, and was quite proud to show off his patch! While Edgar was visiting, he hiked a couple new trails, and maybe some day he will get his own patch.


I hope that I will resume regular blogging by the end of August…I hope to make up the solo canoe camping trip with Gryphon that was postponed, and we will resume our “peak-a-week” mountain hikes….we are mid-way through the summer, though the first 6 weeks seem like a blur.

Here is a short video of some of our respite paddles, over the past few weeks….enjoy!

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