“Rivers know this: there is no hurry. We shall get there some day.” ― A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh

Lakes also seem to know that it is worth the wait, as we were finally able to get out on the Waterbury Reservoir this past week!  Recently, hiking to the water’s edge had increased our anxiousness to get out paddling…but temperature probes had shown that the water was still too cold. Until last Friday! Wearing spring paddling gear (neoprene booties over my Astrals, neoprene gloves, woolies under paddling shorts, Kokotat paddle jacket) , we finally hit the water on Friday and Saturday. Since this has been Vermont Green Up weekend, we were able to do our annual community service, and help clean up the shorelines and remote sites on the reservoir. We also received word that as a result of an Instagram Contest, UCO ( ucogear.com) had awarded the Friends of Waterbury Reservoir a nice financial prize for trash cleanup efforts.Very appropriate to be notified on this Green Up Day weekend.

So here are just a few photos…definitely more to come, and a camping trip might just be in the works for this week!

A nice sunny day, a bit breezy, but 65 degrees for first day out…

Then on Saturday, a bit cooler, and definitely more of a grey day, but nice to get both dogs out on the water….

So that’s it for our quick blog post…just wanted to get a paddling post up before we enter the craziness that is the month ahead! We’ll be updating, with trip reports, write-up on the gear we use, and more about our efforts to support the Wear It campaign, and our local lake advocacy groups.  Paddle Safe!

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