“Look around, Look around, at how lucky we are to be alive right now….”

Amidst the current  turmoil and discord in the world,  in is wonderful to have an escape…yes escape. The troubles in the world, the nonsensical political climate, and the hatred between factions do not disappear when we head off into the woods or lakes.  However, for a few days we can focus on the beauty of nature, the amazing ability of wildlife to bring new life into the world each year, and enjoy the peace and quiet of being “unplugged”.

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We did encounter a sad situation on a local pond, when we discovered a dead loon in the water, something we had never before seen. Even though the loon population is robust in Vermont, it was still unsettling to discover one of these majestic birds in his final resting place. We coordinated with the Game Warden and folks from the Loon Recovery Project to collect the bird, so that the reason for its demise can be determined.

It has been a very busy month. Some family estate business has finally been resolved, and the weather has been pretty nice for most activities. We have had a few HHH days (hazy,hot,humid) , requiring us to either head out very early in the morning, or limit our dogs’ activities to splashing in the local streams.

We’ve been out quite a few nights for camping, primarily at our favorite spot, Green River Reservoir State Park.  We continue to support the Green Mountain Club, the Friends of Green River Reservoir, and the Friends of Waterbury Reservoir. This past month has included some very friendly social gatherings of these groups, which are so critical to preserving this special place called Vermont.

I am excited to begin my tenure as a L.L. Bean Gear Tester. It will be fun to see what they provide to me, and I am sure that whatever it is, I will give it a good workout for a fair assessment! I have another Brand Ambassadorship in the wings, but I will hold off on that announcement, until confirmation is received.

So, enough of text content…Here is a short video of our July activities. We have exciting upcoming trips planned, to the Adirondacks and to Quebec, for lots of hiking and paddling.

Paddle Safe and Have Fun!



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