Welcoming Winter…Windy, Wet, and Woebegone!

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The first day of winter is here…along with a very rainy and windy change in our weather. All our beautiful snow is at risk! Being Vermonters, we recognize that we will have fluctuations in our weather, and have learned to live with whatever is thrown at us. However, this storm action seems particularly cruel, since we have enjoyed some of the best early season snowshoeing ever. 36 Days snowshoeing so far…last year at this time we were still in single digits! Our deep snow base probably will result in our still having a White Christmas, though the snow may be a bit crusted over and frozen after the temperatures drop again in a few days.  More snowstorms will be arriving, and we shall return to our winter explorations, near and far.

Here is a short video of our December…stick with it to the end, if you want to see our dogs on their annual “earn your keep” trip, helping us select, cut, and then pull out the Christmas Tree. Merry Christmas to all our readers, and we will see you after we return from our New Year’s winter camping and snowshoeing trip. On to 2019!


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