Paddling it Forward (or paying it forward)…sharing the fun!

As this very wet and rainy and cold Spring finally comes to a close ( with flood watches issued today, of course!), we have time to check the content on our blog, update a few posts, and clear out some of the outdated information.

  June 2019…New Pics!

We love sharing our passion for outdoor adventuring with dogs, and have been fortunate to have the opportunity to give presentations for various community groups. We do not charge any fee for these presentations, and we tweak and update the material frequently. Most presentations happen in the spring, but it might be fun to expand into other seasons…maybe, for example, hints for snowshoeing with your dog, to be offered in the fall? Anyway, to help organize our site, here is a description of each of the presentations we have done in the past few years. We are always open to suggestions for improvement! We certainly hope you will get a chance to explore with your pups this summer!

presentation cover 1

Get out in your canoe! Wildlife Watching from the Water

This presentation will provide descriptions, photos and videos of 5 of our favorite local lakes and ponds, and how you can enjoy the amazing wildlife while paddling your canoe or kayak.  Want to take your dog with you?  We will offer hints and tips to prepare your dog to be a silent wildlife spotter. This will be a fun and informative session, with lots of time for audience interaction.


presentation cover 3

Dog Paddling 101

We will offer tips and suggestions to help your dog become a true paddle pup.  There will be a demonstration of useful gear and equipment, presentation of training ideas, and a sharing of our experiences , both educational and humorous! This seminar will help you best prepare for safe and responsible dog canoeing and kayaking on our amazing lakes and ponds.



presentation cover 4

K9 Trail Adventures

Discussions about the training, trail etiquette, and gear that can help make outdoor adventuring with your dog safe and fun!  We will have an exchange of ideas , and provide hints and suggestions for ensuring the safety of your dog when he explores our trails and mountains year-round,  as you become a top-notch,  responsible dog hiking team.



presentation cover 6

Canoe Camping with Dogs 

Hints and Tips for taking your paddling pup on overnight camping adventures, while canoeing and kayaking to remote and paddle-in campsites. We discuss how to prepare your pup, safety considerations, gear options, and provide  destination ideas.



presentation cover 5


Paddling to Banff

A cross country trip ( 5799 miles across Canada and the northern US), GO camping  with the dogs, paddling the Boundary Waters, Algonquin, and iconic lakes in Banff National Park. We discuss trip planning,  gear selection, paddling destinations, and dealing with speed bumps along the road.



presentation cover 2

Travels with Pup….Canine Paddling Adventures!

Hit the road, and explore new and varied locations for paddling and camping with your dog. We will offer helpful hints for having a successful and safe canoeing vacation with your dog, and share our enthusiasm for widening your paddling horizons. This presentation focuses on Kejimkujik National Park in Nova Scotia, and the opportunities it provides for some amazing paddling adventures.



One thought on “Paddling it Forward (or paying it forward)…sharing the fun!

  1. I love the fact that you are such a great paddle ambassador. I wish I had a dog to paddle with us, but no room at our small Dutch house.
    Thanks for your suggestion.

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