2019 in the Rear View Mirror

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                                             Objects may be closer than they appear !

Off we go, with a forward looking 2020 vision! A new year of adventures awaits, with new knees, repaired knees, and plans for adventures near and far.

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January is the best time to plan a canoeing adventure!

The roller-coaster  temperatures of the winter of 2019-20 continue, with below zero frigid conditions one day, and rainy days of 30 and 40 degrees following…despite the variable conditions, and no major snowstorms, we have been able to get out regularly for snowshoeing. In our neck of the woods, there are certain trails that seem to get, and hold, the most snow…so other than a few icy spike-hike days, our daily outings have been exploring on our new Tubbs Snowshoes, updated Flex Alps and Tubbs Panoramics.  Adding these new snowshoes to our quiver has meant more choices depending on conditions, and also more loaners to share with others on some of our outings. I continue to serve as a Tubbs Ambassador this year, and also as part of the trailspace.com review corps.


We started the year off right…with our annual outing to Hadsel Mares Camp in the Northeast Kingdom. No frozen outhouse seat this year, as we had the warmest temperatures and softest snow of any of our prior New Year’s trips here. With my husband still recovering from knee replacement, his treks were limited, as were Gryphon’s…so Edgar and I, and Aunt Jackie, were able to take advantage of the great trail conditions.


Since then, my husband has increased his outings in length and duration; Gryphon is ow up to 2 hours per hike, in snow that is not too deep or resistant.  Their steady progress has been remarkable, and they each should be “good to go” for paddle season in less than 4 months!

During a low-snow week, Edgar was able to hit up a local mountain with me…nothing too challenging, but definitely a change of pace for January, since we usually snowshoe here!

                                      Spikes necessary on this hike up Snake Mountain!

We have already planned numerous local canoe camping trips, camping trips in the GO trailer, and are working on deciding our itinerary and paddling excursions for a September trip to Algonquin Provincial Park.

We currently have no presentations planned for this spring, but that can change. We each have some new paddling gear, and are looking forward to a return to our favorite lakes and rivers. I will be making an adjustment to the configuration of my solo canoe (moving the forward thwart towards the bow a bit) to give Griff and his bionic knee more room in the canoe, and each dog needs life jacket replacement this year. Their current life jackets are great pieces of gear, but after 5 years of nearly daily wear, they should be replaced. We’re looking forward to our REI dividend!

We will be taking our annual snowshoeing trip this year, up to the Northeast Kingdom, and a return to Nulhegan Hut. Here’s hoping for lots of snow, moderate temperatures, and busy birds at the wildlife refuge!

Happy 2020! Here’s a look at our wildlife sightings from last year’s paddling season…will 2020 be as amazing?




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