Stickin’ Close to Home!

In this time of uncertainty, we are adjusting to the “new normal”….such as ordering TP from amazon, because for 3 weeks there was none on our local store shelves. Our first such order , of 40 rolls, was stolen during shipment, so we had to re-order. We have almost extinguished our supply of hand sanitizer, including the stock from our camping gear. Our family gatherings are on ZOOM, and if we do see another human being, it is behind plexiglass during our infrequent shopping excursions. But we cannot complain. My husband is still working ( from a new home office), and our extended family has remained healthy. And, given our location, we have multiple options for getting outside and exercising with the dogs, all local, requiring only a short drive, and with no interaction with others.

  Gryphon enjoying mud/end of snow/closed state park season!


And, yes paddling has returned! With dry suit, woollies, and neoprene, we have dressed for the water temperature, and have begun exploring our very local lakes and ponds. Many of our favorite birds have returned, and we have enjoyed complete solitude and isolation on the water.

Griff has really enjoyed the extra room in his canoe!

Edgar will be glad to get back in his kayak, once the water warms…but he loves going out in the canoe with me!

Since we are doing no presentations this spring, we were excited to be asked to participate in a webinar series sponsored by the Seacoast Paddleboard Club of NH….here is a You Tube version of our event. It was unusual not to have the physical interaction with the audience ( i.e. we could not throw out swag!), but it was fun!

Keep the faith, keep healthy, and lets all look forward to better days…

6 thoughts on “Stickin’ Close to Home!

  1. Edgar and Gryphon (is that the right names) look soooo happy to have the parks and the water to themselves! You are super lucky to have such a gorgeous area so close to home! This looks like chilly springtime heaven.

  2. I love the photos of the dogs in boats. And what great shots of wildlife. I watched the video of your presentation and learned some new things about boating with my dogs.

  3. That was an awesome video! We have labs too. Our older dog loves water but doesn’t like to swim either. Wearing his PFD makes him feel so much more comfortable, even on quiet water. We also have a rotating cast of Guiding Eyes puppies, and not all of them get a chance to learn how to ride in the canoe. The one we have right now is 8 months old and is already a pretty strong swimmer, so fingers crossed. We’re so excited to get outside more as the weather warms up.

    • That’s cool! I’d like to take some of our local shelter pups out for a canoe trips…to show what great outdoor buddies they can be! Dogs in canoes make for great photos….

  4. It will be interesting to see if this changes human behavior and encourages people to be in nature more or protect the environment. I think this is one huge social experiment with tons of research possibilities. Stay safe, healthy, and paddle hard.😊

    • I worry about what will happen in parks and areas that remain closed…people will still use them illegally,and unregulated and unsupervised use will lead to damage to the environment, trash, vandalism etc. I hope not, but I am concerned, Keep safe!

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