“And All At Once Summer Collapsed Into Fall” (Oscar Wilde)

A quickie post, since we are definitely overdue!

Two months…two months that have flown by, or have dragged on for an eternity depending upon our mindset. Since our last posting, we have continued to paddle daily, enjoying remote and infrequently used lakes that create perfect social distancing opportunities. And now we face stick season, and the wind-down of the paddling season!

In this summer of extreme heat and drought, we have managed to encounter rain on almost all of our camping trips…farmers should reach out to us, to see when we are scheduled to go camping, because that is when the rains will fall!

The dogs will be gearing up the length, intensity, and frequency of their hikes soon, as we are prepping for snowshoe season. Yes, in only 2 months, we’ll be out on the snow!

Our Algonquin Trip was canceled, since we cannot cross the border into Canada, and our cross-state travel has been limited by COVID restrictions. But we really cannot complain. Local camping has been pretty fine, foliage season was brilliant, and we managed to find a Kevlar solo canoe for my husband (I am sick of lugging that 65 lb. beast of a kayak around with him).

In another 4 weeks, the canoes and kayak will be packed away for the winter, but until then, get out the dry suit, neoprene vest, thick booties, and paddle on!

Here are some photos from the past 2 months of our outings….we’ll update again once paddling season ends.

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