Only Our Feet Got Wet!


Well, we had a successful first venture onto the water.

Edgar acclimated quite well to camping , and seemed to enjoy sleeping in a lean-to, and hanging around the campfire ( photos are on the PHOTOS page). As usual, he was up bright and early, so we headed off to the water, while tendrils of fog rose from the surface, towards the bluebird, cloudless sky.  The water was actually a quite bearable  temperature, and we had the lake to ourselves.

Edgar sat in the stern compartment…we decide to have him within a firm grasp for this first paddle…when he has shown us he can remain seated, and quiet in the boat, we’ll move him forward so he can have his own compartment. This will, of course, place him right next to Gryphon. While they ride very nicely side by side in the car, we don’t want any rough-housing in the canoe!


Based on Edgar’s marvelous performance today, it won’t be long before he can move up in the canoe. He was alert, interested in , but not trying to chase, shore birds…though he did not rest his head on the gunwales as Griff does, he did rest his head on his Dad’s lap, and begin to doze.   It was a great inaugural cruise!