More Dryland training Needed!

Given the record rainfall recently, the nearby canoe access remains feasible, as an entry point for early morning paddles. We arrived at the parking area at 0615; there was nary a place to be had! Apparently, the first weekend without rain in over 2 months had brought out large groups of kayak and canoe campers, who had headed out the previous day. We saw at least 8 campsites in use (these are not maintained campsites), but we were the only canoe on the water ( we saw one other boat, a sculler gliding oh-so smoothly!)

This access requires about 200 yards of travel through narrow channel; the banks are lined with grass and trees, just brimming with birds of all types, multiple herons and their nests, frogs and jumping fish. This proved to be quite a distraction for Edgar today… he was repeatedly turning around, to see and smell all the sights. Not being a “bad dog”, just a very wiggly one. We decided we need a bit more practice at the sit-stay maneuver; we also need to keep the “religious collar” (you know, the one that makes a believer out of him) on him in the boat as a reminder; he knows when it is on him, and just seems to mind better.

Once we hit the broad water, things were a bit more sedate!


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