3 Days of Canoeing, Camping and a bit of Hiking…Happy Dogs!

The weather has been exceptionally rainy and wet…and a spell of 5 days with heat index over 90…time to pack up the boat and head off for some camping. We stayed at a campsite within 50 yards of the canoe launch, and were serenaded by loons and bullfrogs ( along with some thunder-boomers) all during the first night. We did manage to get a sunset paddle in, until  the  clouds became quite ominous.

ricker 3

The morning of day 2, we were out bright and early. The dogs were fascinated by a large family of ducks swimming right near the canoe. We think Edgar has a bit of bird-dog in his “unspecified heritage”.

ricker 13

The dogs were well behaved on the paddle; we saw quite a few loons, a few loon chicks; we kept our distance, but we were able to partake of their amazing calls.  The dogs kept ears perked, and eyes peeled, but have come to expect seeing these wonderful birds. The preservation efforts are definitely paying off!

ricker 5

The pups decided to take the boat out themselves, for a ducky little paddle!

ricker 4

On Day 3, we drove 5 miles to another part of the large state park, and portaged  ( lugged) the canoe 100 yards, to a 48 acre, isolated, pond; only the sounds of birds, and the wonderful loon calls, at 6:30 am. The water was like a mirror, and it was a lovely paddle.

                                                  ricker 9 osmore

Before heading home, we took the dogs for about a 90 minute easy hike; cool and peaceful; the humidity had finally dropped, and it was a nice way to end the weekend.

ricker 6                                     ricker 10 cvt

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