If you don’t like the weather…well, just wait a minute!

sun shine is delicious quote

Well, we have been on quite a weather roller coaster here lately. It has presented some challenges in terms of getting out with the dogs. It has been tough even for northern Vermont!


Precipitation..has included rain, freezing rain, graupel, snow…but chart does not show the amount of ice buildup, nor the unpleasant snow loss.

The dogs have been suffering from cabin fever, since our outings this past week have been sporadic. Today,we go out…no matter what the environment presents us with, we will be ready!


Delightful temperature swings!

So here is documentation of our hike today…some hiking in “mashed potatoes”, some on shiny, wet, ice…and all while the skies were grey,and the wind was whistling. Didn’t matter…the dogs had a great time!


No skijoring or sledding on this trail today!


What’s a little water and ice?…it’s warm out! (35 degrees)


Soft landings!


The river was running fast and cold…carrying large chunks of ice downstream.

Essential for today:


Kahtoola Microspikes

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