June…not great weather, but some nice paddling!

June 2017 has continued the pattern of very wet weather that we have experienced this spring. Over 50% of our days have seen rain, and it has been rare to have two “nice” days in a row. This has restricted my spontaneous overnight canoe trips a bit, but early morning paddling has been pretty fine. We have seen lots of neat birds ( and loon babies!), and have been able to get in one camping trip with the GO trailer. Hiking has been a bit of a challenge, due to the very wet ( and slick) trails.Our involvement with the Friends of Green River Reservoir and Friends of Waterbury Reservoir have also kept us busy.  This weekend, we are taking part in a presentation at the Green Mountain Club about Hiking With Dogs…a fellow GMC member suggested us to their outreach team, and we agreed to participate, thinking it a good opportunity to share our philosophy of safe and responsible outdoor adventure with dogs.

So here is a photographic summary of our activities for the past few weeks….more canoe camping is planned, if Mother Nature would please cooperate!

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