“One touch of nature makes the whole world kin” (Shakespeare)

This months blog entry is a video presentation, displaying photos of some of the many observations we have made this year (and a few from last year).

GRRSp fourth of july 167

One of the many pleasures that we derive from paddling is our immersion in the natural environment…the boats give us the ability to observe the natural world “up close”, while still maintaining a respectful and safe distance from the many critters and birds that we may see. Getting out bright and early in the morning has multiple benefits for us…1)we avoid the heat of the later day, which may be unpleasant or unsafe for the dogs, 2) the water tends to be calm and quiet,without wind,  allowing us to hear the many sounds of the world coming awake 3) Calm waters make for clearer photos!  4) We may paddle even popular ponds and lakes before the access sites and waters get busy with other boaters, and 5) Wildlife tends to be active and visible in the early mornings.

I am a very amateur wildlife photographer, and definitely a novice birder…but we enjoy seeing and hearing the amazing birds and animals that share the Vermont environment with us.  Our dogs are not allowed to harass, bark at, or chase wildlife, and they often assist us by silently alerting to the presence of an animal that we may not yet see. I think that they actually enjoy seeing the wildlife!

We feel protective of our wildlife, and do participate in programs to help them out. We submit observations and data to inaturalist.org and ebird.org, and take part in the annual Loon Watch census of loons on Vermont lakes.  It is fun to share our photos, and we often use social media to help us with identification, habitat questions, or identifying hot spots for wildlife viewing.

So enjoy our short video, and see if you can identify each of the photos!


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